Concordia University

Elaine Cheasley Paterson
• Theory and History of Craft, Decorative Arts, and Design
• 19th-Century Arts and Crafts Movement
• Women's Art and Social History
• 18th-21st-Century Material Culture and Design History
• Studio Craft, Indie Craft, DIY and Craftivist Movements
• Critical Craft Theory
• Craft and the Museum, Curating Craft

Cynthia Imogen Hammond
• History and theory of architecture, landscape architecture and the city
• Cultural landscapes
• Gender and space
• Feminist and posthumanist theory
• Research-creation and interdisciplinary practice
• Community-engaged scholarship and creative work

Kristina Huneault
• Nineteenth-Century Art and Visual Culture
• Canadian Art
• Art-Historical Method
• Women Artists
• Art and Philosophy
• Art and Subjectivity
• Art and Colonialism

Heather Igloliorte
• Inuit Arts and Cultural History
• Contemporary Inuit, First Nations, and Métis art in Canada
• Native North American and Circumpolar Arts
• Indigenous Exhibition and Collecting Histories
• Curatorial Theory and Practice
• Decolonizing Methodologies
• Issues of Representation and Self-Representation
• Colonization, Sovereignty, Resilience and Self-Determination in Art
• Indigenous Film, Performance and New Media Practices

Alice Ming Wai Jim
• Contemporary Art
• Media Art
• Contemporary Asian Art
• Asian Canadian Art
• Theories of Representation
• Ethnocultural Art Histories
• Mobility and Migration
• Global Art Histories and Curatorial Studies

Martha Langford
• Photographic History and Theory
• Canadian Photographic Historiography
• Twentieth-Century Canadian Art
• Visual Culture
• Photographic Experience (Memory and Imagination)
• Institutional Theory

Loren Lerner
• Drawing
• Portraiture
• Curatorial Practices
• Images of Children and Youth
• Canadian Print Culture
• Travel Art

Nicola Pezolet
• History of Architecture and the Built Environment in Europe and North America (19th-20th Century)
• Modern Art and Architecture Theory
• Abstraction and the "Synthesis of the Arts"
• 20th Century Catholic Architecture and Art
• Architecture, Media and Print Culture
• Critical Historiography and Social History

John Potvin
• The cultures of modernism in art, design and fashion
• Histories and theories of the interior
• Sexuality, gender and design
• Material and visual cultures of masculinity
• Queer theory and feminism
• The design and visual cultures of Orientalism
• The bodies, space and time of design
• Fashion, legacy and the spaces of display
• Fashion and tailoring in the age of globalization    

Johanne Sloan
• Contemporary Art
• Canadian Art since the 1960s
• Landscape Art and Aesthetics
• Visual Culture
• Urban Art and Culture

Steven Stowell
• Art and Visual Culture in Renaissance Italy
• Early Modern European Art (Late Middle Ages to Baroque)
• Sacred Art
• Early Modern Art Theory
• Anthropology and Art History
• Histories of Sex and Gender

Anne Whitelaw
• History of visual and material Culture in Canada
• Museums and cultural institutions
• Women and museums
• Exhibition and collecting
• The writing of Canadian art history
• Settler-colonial Theory

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