Concordia University

Paula Alaszkiewicz

"The Labyrinth of Fashion Display"

Supervisor: Dr. John Potvin

Fashion Studies
Curating and Exhibiting Fashion
Architecture and Space
Paris and La Belle Époque

Bruno Andrus
"Luminous Encounters: The Impact of Expo 67 on the Development of 20th Century Glass Art"

Supervisor: Dr. Johanne Sloan

Glassblowing History
Glass Art
Studio Crafts
Decorative Arts
Modern Art
Expo 67
The Counterculture
Material, Process and Technique

Caroline Beaudoin
"Cultivating an Identity: Landscape, Labour, and Leisure in the Eastern Townships of Quebec"

Supervisor: Dr. Johanne Sloan

Landscape Studies
Cultural Identity
Social History
Architecture and Nature

Tal-Or Ben-Choreen
"Educating Taste: A Study of the Construction of Photographic Art Aesthetic in the 1970s and 80s"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Photography Theory
Aesthetic Development
Contemporary Art Theory
Archives and Archival Practices
Collection Historiography
Artist Networks
Preservation Studies

Melba Dalsin
Thesis title TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Photographic Theory
Modern Art in Canada
Sociology of Art
Institutional Collecting Practices

Camille Dantin
Thesis title TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Elaine Cheasley Paterson

Ceramics and crafts
Cultural exchange through artistic movements, techniques, methods
Exiles and Migrations
Arts and Crafts

D.J. Fraser
"Performance in the Electronic Media and Film Memory Archive: Practices of Archival Care and Recuperation at the New York State Council on the Arts"

Supervisor: Dr. Anne Whitelaw

Queer Archives
Video and Film Art
Electronic Media and Marginalized Voices

Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande
« Moderniser par l'image : la propagande photographique gouvernementale au Québec (1900-1960) »

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

History of Photography
Philosophy of Technology
Modernity in Quebec
Media Culture

Philippe Guillaume
"From Photography and Walking to Walking and Photography"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

History of Photography
Conceptual Art 
Landscape Art
Twentieth Century Avant-Garde Art Movements
Artist Networks

Michel Hardy-Vallée
"Making Photography Speak: John Max's Open Passport and Photographic Narration ca. 1965-1975"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Canadian Photography
Fiction and Narration in the Visual Arts

Stéphanie Hornstein
Thesis title TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford


Julie Alary Lavallée

Supervisor: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim

Contemporary Indian Art
Diaspora Studies
Global Studies
Museum and Exhibitions Studies

Rebecca Lemire
"Indigenizing Modernism: Organic Modern Architecture in North America and Indigenous Design Practices"

Supervisor: Dr. Nicola Pezolet

Modernist Architecture
Indigenous Architecture
Cultural Exchange
Design Theory
Organic Design
Postcolonial Methodologies
"Synthesis of the Arts"

Steve Lyons
"Alternatives in the Free Market"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Artist-Run and Alternative Art Spaces
Intellectual Fashions in the Art World
Social Capital and Networks of Power
Institutional Critique

Michelle Macleod
"Photographic Technology and Nation-building: The Use of the Leggotype in Canadian Illustrated News (1869-1883) and L’Opinion Publique (1870-1883)"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Canadian Photography
Photographic Theory
Print Culture

Aurèle Parisien
"Mrs. Barnett's Dead Child: Photography, Objects, and Commemoration"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Photographic History and Theory
Contemporary Art
Philosophy and Art

Georgia Phillips-Amos
Thesis title TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

Artists' books
Contemporary Art

Ronald Portanier
"French Naval Sculpture Under the Ancien Régime: How its Iconography in terms of Fit, Form and Function Changed According to the Development of the Ship’s Architecture"

Supervisor: Dr. Cynthia Hammond and Jean Bélisle (Professor Emeritus)

Seventheenth and Eighteenth Century French Naval Sculpture in the Atlantic Space
Naval Sculpture of New France

Mikhel Proulx
"Intimacy and Community in Network-Based Art"

Supervisor: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim

Contemporary Art
Digital Visual Cultures
Critical Internet Studies
Indigenous Art
Queer Feminism

Martha Robinson
"Bird Bodies: Posthumanism and the Environment Encountered Through Avian Representation"

Supervisor: Dr. Johanne Sloan

Animal Studies
Thing Theory

Kim Rondeau
"Political Intent and the Creation of the Feminist Canon, Three Case Studies: Marie Laurencin, Tamara de Lempicka and Frida Kahlo"

Supervisor: Dr. Kristina Huneault

Feminist Art
Feminist Art History
Social History of Art
Methods of Art History 
Activist Art

Patricia Sheppard
Thesis title TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Kristina Huneault

Nineteenth-Century Visual and Material Culture
Women Artists
Canadian Art
Art and Identity

Kanwal Syed
"Redefining Female Subjectivities in Contemporary Pakistani Art Discourse"

Supervisor: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim

Contemporary Pakistani Art
Post 9/11 Art

John Toohey
"Fred Judge and the Construction of the British Landscape"

Supervisor: Dr. Martha Langford

History of Photography
Vernacular Photography
Photography and Postcards
Landscape History

Jessica Veevers
"The Materials and Methods of Yves Gaucher: The Intersection of Materiality and Mattering"

Supervisor: Dr. Anne Whitelaw

New Materialist Ontologies
Modern Art Criticism
Art Conservation
Technical Art History
Art Historiography
Modern and Contemporary Art Making Materials and Practices

Charissa von Harringa
Thesis : TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Heather Igloliorte

Sami and pan-Inuit art and cultural histories
Postcolonial and decolonial methods
Indigenous writing practices
Institutional critique
Sociology of art

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