Course offerings

The program's course offerings are divided into two blocks: A and B.

The Block A seminar – known as the séminaire intégrateur – is a required, year-long methodology course (fall and winter sessions) in which students from each of the four universities come together to discuss their doctoral research in a stimulating and collaborative environment.

Students also register for two Block B research seminars. These semester-long courses are more specialized, focussing on specific periods and topics. Typically, four Block B seminars are offered annually: two in the fall, and two in the winter.

These seminars are divided into the following major categories:

  • Periods and Territories
  • Classification – Genres, Artistic Disciplines
  • Thematic Questions
  • Writings on Art
  • Critical Examination of Artistic Context
  • Formal and Semantic Studies

N.B. The language of instruction may be English or French; students are invited to participate and submit work in their language of preference. The séminaire intégrateur is a bilingual environment.


Réalisation : Centre de services en TI et en pédagogie (CSTIP) (Université Laval)